August 14

Multiplication Fact Practice Resources

In Fourth Grade, we begin the year by taking weekly timed tests (100 problems, 5 minutes) to assess what base of fact knowledge they are entering our grade with. We begin to reduce this to one timed test every two weeks to assess their progress over the course of the year. Students privately see their score and graph their progress on a bar graph (which will be shown at both Fall and Spring conferences!). Although timed tests are not the ONLY way we allow students to show their fact progress, they do provide a relatively accurate assessment of their current speed and accuracy.

Once students have mastered multiplication facts 0-12, we challenge students to begin division fact practice (also 0-12)! Although division facts are not a Fourth Grade standard (and therefore not graded), it is an exciting way that students progressing at a faster speed in multiplication can continue to push themselves!

If you wish, you may use the following timed tests to develop a familiarity for the format of testing — for those more anxious students, it may help them to feel more confident when they take these in class.

Multiplication Timed Tests (Home)

Division Timed Tests (Home)

Below are some printable multiplication fact resources to keep around your home, in your child’s backpack… even in your family car! We have also seen flashcards available for purchase (and be inexpensive!) at Walmart, Office Depot, Target, Dollar Store and King Soopers.

Multiplication Times Tables

Multiplication Flashcards 0-12

Multiplication Strategies

Tired of just practicing at home using just flashcards? Try one of the recommended weekly multiplication games below! These games typically only need a deck of playing cards, pennies, or some sort of counting item. Play with a parent, grandparent, sibling, or babysitter!

Weekly Multiplication Games